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Financial problem

Financial problem in life is the biggest problems for everyone, because money is the base of life without money people cannot do anything they cannot take care their home, they cannot suffer in life without money. Money is important part of our life and every task is incomplete without money. In our horoscope some planets and house position blocked our financial growth and gives bed results. Owing to financial problems people comes in depression and they face so many problems in their relationships such as Fighting, Lose, Loan and so on. Life is such that we are always pressed for money.

We work hard to the best of our ability but the experience rise even faster. Pandit vishnu ji could help you by doing prayers to stop the bad effects of planets. This could take you out of this trap. Other reason is jealousy and black magic. Our Astrologer vishnu ji could help you buy removing this back magic and bringing smile back to your life. The Financial report will guide you through the up as well as down phase of your life. We will provide you the financial patterns after through study of your horoscope.

There may be various reasons of financial problems from the astrology point of views or occult sciences like as:

  • It may be possible that planets are very weak in horoscope.
  • It may be possible that there may be high pitra dosha in horoscope, kundli or birth chart.
  • Due to grahan yoga in working or earning place it is also possible to face financial problem
  • Due to malefic effects of planets in income place, destiny place, working place, profit place it is also possible to face the monetary problems.
  • Some times due to evil eye effects also business men faces a lot of problems
  • Black magic is also a reason of financial problems in life.
  • Some times due to suffering from various diseases it is not possible to work hard to earn a huge income.
  • Some times due to less hypnotic power in personality it is not possible to make positive impact before any one which also causes failure in making money.
  • Some times due to not having the right decision making ability person looses many opportunities to earn a lot.
  • In my personal research i have also found that due to the kuldevi dosha, pret dosha and other types of dosha also persons faces many problems in life.